(Moscow) ANDY LNDN as know as An Dy was born in 1983. From a very early age his passion for music was apparent and when he began to DJ, that passion developed more and more. His first club appearance came at the tender age of 13 Together with a number of like-minded friends, Andy began to play at small parties,there, he tried to mix every possible culture, music genre and form of art know to mankind. And over time he developed his style and sound. His profile quickly started to grow as his sets found favour with his friends and peers. As things progressed, he moved into bigger parties, events and clubs. Andrew has a specific aura and identity about him that is incredibly magical, friendly and positive, and he likes to convey this to the public through his sets. The new album features carefully crafted arrangements whose combination of synthetic sounds and organic movements is reminiscent of cold-wave or electronica but ends up in an entirely new place. The beats and dynamics are inspired by the Earth energy, but added to them is a surprising and sometimes melancholic songs. Throughout Andy's career has been able to collaborate with a host of big names such as Climbers, Tboy, Ultrasone, Gavin Herlihy, Andy Kohlman. DJ & Club Experience: Krysha Mira Slowdance Gazgolder Shakti Terrace Barak Omama(St Petersburg) Red Club (St Petersburg) Led Limon (St Peterburg) Boom-Boom Room(Kiev) Bamboo bar Mary Jane Mini Bar 84udo Vision Coctail Hall Squat Jet Set Moscow

Podcast 061
Guest Mix
by Andreiru

  Russian Federation

Fecha: 12-04-2018
Estilo(s): Electronic , DubTechno
Duración: 1:06:19
MP3 Bitrate: 192 Kbps
  • Guest Mix
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